How we started


The story started when I was having a trouble getting a nice cake for my girl's 2-year-old birthday party. Nice cakes were expensive, affordable cakes were too ordinary. What choices I could have?


"Why don't I make her a cake myself?" yes, why not!? I started researching, practising and baking. Finally I made something. Something that wasn't perfect, something that didn't look professional, but this "something" contained my love to my very own kid.


"What if I share the joy with my friends?" oh, yes! Why not? They all want to give their special one a tailor-made cake but the price always causes a lot of hesitation. I started baking cakes for my friends at a very low price or even for free since then. The happy faces, the compliments and the nom nom nom sound from every guest encourage me to continue providing decent yet affordable cakes to everyone.


Hope you enjoy.


Zinnia Yip